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Ralph Garman Podcast

THE RALPH REPORT is a new way of bringing you my take on the current events of the day! Newsmakers, heartbreakers, showbiz fakers ... we'll talk about all of them here, together, on THE RALPH REPORT. I'll also be doing special "in the field" reports, sitting down with some of my friends for interviews, doing some TV and movie reviews, AND even making some fun video reports.
THE RALPH REPORT will be coming at you five days a week, Monday through Friday, on Patreon. Patreon is a platform that lets me connect directly with YOU, the fan, and give you all that you've loved about me on the airwaves, plus it gives me the opportunity to treat you to NEW exclusive stuff you won't be able to get anywhere else. Subscriptions for THE RALPH REPORT come in several tiers, beginning at just $3 a month. And that's for content five days a week! Be sure to take a look and see which one grabs you.

And, as always, a big THANK YOU to YOU, the ever-loyal members of the Garmy, for your endless support!

Then, stick me in your ears and let's have some fun!

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